Thursday, 16 July 2009

Autumn memories

It is winter now in Australia.
Call it winter, it's much different to what I used to have back in Poland... (I moved to Oz just over a year ago, and already miss the mighty snow!)
Anyway, winter it is indeed, but with most of the trees retaining leaves, it reminds me more of autumn. And it's always been a much cherished season to me, if not a favorite. I just LOVE all the beautiful colours that the leaves turn to!
One day, after having a walk down the road, I came back home with all these colours in my mind, and decided to make a set of cards that would represent the richness of the season.
And here they are:


I don't yet have a hole puncher (I know it's a cheapie, I just haven't yet got time to visit an appropriate shop... *pouts*), so the holes in this one turned out pretty rough ;)



Again a bit messy with the scalloping here, I wouldn't know why the paper was misbehaving...


Hope you'll like them!

Thanks for stopping by,
Chupa xx

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