Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Firstly, let me clear out a few things - if you're looking for some fresh scrapbooking kits/elements to purchase, or a juicy freebie to grab, I'm afraid you won't find any here.
I don't do designing in this matter... not at the moment, maybe one day though! :)
This place is exclusively for inspiration (what some will eventually find here!) and enjoyment.
Whatever route it will follow in the course of time, I cannot say for sure. I'm a person of many interests, and I hope to one day try out a bit of everything that grabs my attention. Sounds like a long, but certainly adventurous way to go... :P

At the moment I'm hooked on cardmaking, so that's what you will mainly see in upcoming posts,
although I'm pretty sure that many other strange creations will appear on these pages eventually...

Secondly, in majority of cases I wouldn't be able to give you accurate information about the source of stock that I'm using, as it's either no-name stuff or I got it from gawd knows where (memory fails :P)... I'm definitely following the "cardmaking on a budget" scheme (at least at the moment), so it's unlikely that you find any brand names in my stock.
I own not a single stamp, not a single piece of rub-on sheet, no border punches, etc. What I often do though, is to browse magazines or internet in search for an image/sentiment that suits my project, and simply copy (redraw) it. It can be fun at times, and I'd always come up with something that looks somewhat different from the original ;)

I'm a sucker for free stuff too, so I browse my favorite places on the net frequently, snatching loads of decorative papers, die-cuts, cliparts, etc. that I then print out.
Hail all the generous people that don't stop presenting us with some wonderful stuff as well as with their amazing talents!
I'm also keenly visiting places like DeviantArt, and let me tell you, there is some really juicy stuff to be found there! Besides, it's an invaluable source of inspiration, no matter what kind of artsy/crafty thing one's after.

A quick note though: this "budget-tight" situation is by no means meant to be rigidly followed in the future, as I'm definitely going to purchase some stuff, in order to make my cardmaking aspect of life easier and even more enjoyable. So if you'll see some familiar stock used, that means I succeeded lol.

Stay tuned, and enjoy!
Chupa xx

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