Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A shabby entrée

I've got a fair number of cards lying around, ready to be photographed and uploaded.
I could go on and post the whole bunch of them at once, but I say, one thing at a time.
Actually, time is what I need most at the moment...

Being an (overjoyed) mum-to-be (a happy 30th week now - hoorayyy!) and having bold plans to renovate half of the house before our little girl arrives *rolls eyes*, I haven't got much free time on me.
Still, if one does not see me with a brush & painting the walls, or running around with some other tool in my hand, I'm probably buried under tons of papers, cardstock, and some more cute bits and pieces, and concocting another card... I'm a bad girl like this ;)
I'm a type of addict, and the addiction to improving our little nest tends to compete strongly with my scrapbooking passion lately...

Anyway, here's the first couple of sets of cards for you, that I made quite recently.
I wanted the first two to have a country, shabby look, and as much as I'm sure that's what I achieved, I also suspect that for some they may be a bit too much...



I must say I'm quite happy with the second set, it looks chic and feminine. And I love the butterflies. I think I found them on DeviantArt, but don't quote me on this...



Thanks for popping in,
Chupa xx

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