Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Blooming cherries, i.e. feeling Japanese

My hubby is a big origami enthusiast (and a bloody good one, might I add!).
I, on the other hand, am passionate about pretty papers.
Therefore, we share some gorgeous origami papers, that he collected on his trips to Japan. Or should I say, whatever my hubby does not use, Chupa gladly incorporates into her projects ;)
Most of this stock I'm absolutely in love with; they're very good quality, textured Japanese papers, and whoever is familiar with these traditional designs, also knows how stunning they can be. Frankly, if some squares were a tad bigger, I'd frame them and hang on the wall, rather than keeping them in the drawer!

Anyway, I finally decided that I gave them beauties a go. It took me a while, 'cause it meant cutting some of the stuff - and it almost hurt me, lol!
I used some "ordinary" origami paper too (read: without the reinforced backing), for a more geometrical effect.
The bird on the tree and the blooming branch are drawn by me, the rest are printouts, either coloured later with markers, or left b&w.
Hope you'll enjoy!





Thanks for looking,
Chupa xx

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