Sunday, 9 August 2009

Flower power

Whatever idea I've got on my mind initially, I usually end up with flowers on my cards. Whether thy appear on a designer paper, are embellished, drawn or stamped, I feel like a card without a flower is incomplete. But I understand my way of thinking, being a landscape designer it's hard to resist them beauties lol.
Here I've got three flowery cards then! Made at different times, and with no thematic continuation in mind (quite unusual thing for me :P)




Ah, did I tell you that my mum is an Angel? She's the one to supply me with all sorts of beautiful lace, buttons, etc. And they're not the newly bought ones - some samples would be older than her, and I remember playing with them when I was a kid. I was always a sucker for these cute bits and pieces, I've seen great potential in them early enough ;)
Besides, it's a much different feeling to work with things with history. One learns to respect and cherish them. After all, to manufacture a sample of lace 50 years ago it required far more of man's involvement than it does now. And us "crafters" understand how much it means more than anyone else.

Thanks for reading,
Chupa xx

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