Saturday, 15 August 2009

Got to love lace!

Ahh thank you Daring Cardmakers for your wonderful new challenge! It says Lace and as soon as I saw the respective post, I knew what I'm going to occupy my hands with for the next hour!
Lace / ribbon is probably my favorite type of embellishment, so gleaming with joy, I produced some cards (how predictable of me :P)
The first one uses some interestingly shaped lace that I got from my mum. I love its look, but I wish I had it in some other colours too, so that I could use it more often. Unfortunately, it's one-of-a-kind, old lace that's probably older than me :)
As you can see, it works wonderfully as a frame:


I also made a nice and quick set below. Each card uses a different kind of lace: a delicate vintage one, a garter-style piece and a little flower. The cutout flower on "be mine" card has some serious amount of glitter on it, and sparkles beautifully. As usually, it can't be seen on the picture as I wish it would.


Hope you enjoyed them!
Thanks for stopping by,
Chupa xx


  1. what gorgeous cards....a great take on this weeks DCM challenge.

  2. Gorgeous creations, love that blue lace!

  3. Gorgeous cards. I love the colours you've used in the first one. The black and white one's look really classy.

  4. Lovely lovely cards. I'm not sure I could bring myself to use such treasured pieces of lace on a lanning to keep

  5. That blue lace is really nifty--don't you just love being able to use up bits and pieces and have it work out well?

  6. Gorgeous cards, you did a wonderful job!!


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