Sunday, 9 August 2009

OCC Challenge - Inspiration Challenge

Holy cow, it's all rolling so quickly for meh lately, when it comes to cardmaking! I don't think there was ever any other hobby in my life that stole my heart to this extent, and I am a very hobby-related person lol.

It was only several weeks ago that I made my first card, and now I wouldn't even want to look at my early creations any more, so much has changed in my techniques. It's not that I'm entirely happy with every card that I come out with, but it is a different story now none the less.

As I discovered the wonderful scrapbooking challenges on the net, I was amazed to see how many of these there are all around the place, how many talented ladies feature their work there, and above all, it is truly amazing to be confronted with the sheer interest in cardmaking! Wow, it really is an invasion of mad, crafty-minded women, that would gladly spend the rest of their lives with the scissors in one hand, and a piece of cardstock in another! (p.s. count me in then! :P)

Our Creative Corner is another great challenge blog that I'm going to participate in. I love the designs that the design team comes up with, and their challenges look like so much fun to play with!
I thought that since I spend a great amount of time making cards, I might as well spice it up a bit more and showcase my work here and there. Most of all though I find it more interesting to be guided a bit, rather than to face the overwhelming freedom of choice, every time I start working on another project. With tons of beautiful papers, embellies, and a racing imagination, it can lead to a hell of confusion, haha!

The theme for this weeks' OCC challenge is a truly inspirational Tuscany style, harvest-themed painting. I just love the rich autumn colours!
Here's what I created:


I meant to try something else for this challenge, but somehow got off the track along the way, and thus I'm not overly happy with the result, but I'm leaving it as it is anyway ;)
Hope you'll enjoy!
Thanks for looking,
Chupa xx

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