Monday, 31 August 2009

Pretty In Pink

OMGosh I did it again - I mean yet another set with the pink theme... and I swear it's not even close to being my favourite colour lol!
Still, I like how it works with other colours, and that it can be very flexible - there are "powdery", pastel shades which suit wonderfully baby, shabby & romantic projects, there's a striking and hot pink for the ultimate girly look, and there are deep, purplish shades, that make the design look dignified.
Tonight I chose the last option to work with:


I made these for the "Movie Monday" challenge at 365 Cards. The movie to get us inspired is called "Pretty In Pink". I haven't seen it, but I do know the main actress, and I always liked her delicate beauty. The cards are thus inspired by her, rather than the oh-so-sweet pink that appears on the DVD covers, and reminds me too much of the 80's ;)
And that's about it, thank you for stopping by!
Chupa xx


  1. I think I prefer the one on the right, but both are fab!

  2. Way tooo beautiful, just wonderful cards, you did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!

  3. Elegant and pretty - both of them. :D

  4. Girl, can you say double trouble? Love these both! I'm especially partial to the pink one, but I love the purple one too! Great job!

  5. Oh, I'm on that peony one all the way! gorgeous!

  6. WOW. My fav is the right hand one. So elegant and pretty. Nice job.


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