Friday, 7 August 2009

Some doodles

I decided on quite an unusual colour match for these ones - it was the pretty paper that I used on the first card that got me inspired.
I'm not entirely satisfied with the way the second card turned out, but I left it as it is.As you probably noticed, the sentiments are hand written. Funny how sometimes I'd get a perfectly looking sentiment, and at other times I'd screw it up completely, no matter how much I try to hold the line straight ;)
It is much quicker and easier with stamps or rub ons none the less, but still I'd love to "produce" a nice piece of writing every time I feel like it. It would have to take more practice of course, what I assume will be difficult, as I'm already more inclined to stamp rather than reach for the pen... oh well.
But on to the cards:



Thanks for popping in,
Chupa xx

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