Tuesday, 22 September 2009

hugs & kisses

Day three of Sketchfest on Caardvarks has come, and I'm back with my entry for their new sketch:


This would be my absolute fav colour combination, and I like using it every now and then. It brings to my mind a table in a sunlit, inviting kitchen, a yummy chocolate cake on it, and the family gathered around and chatting happily :)
I decided to use the sketch a little differently to what one would expect, and I'm satisfied with the result. It only bugs me why the brown ribbon underneath came out almost black, while its colour matches the rest of the browns on the card perfectly. I guess it's the different material reflecting the light off in a different way.
Thanks for looking and all the lovely comments that I'm receiving!
Chupa xx


  1. Oh, Chupa, you are still creating? I bow down to you :)

    I love your color combo too. Your card is sweet and pretty!

  2. This is beautiful! Such a great take on the sketch!

  3. So elegant! Great card!

    Saskia :)

  4. What a pretty card! Great lines


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