Friday, 11 September 2009

Paper-pieced shirt

This one was such a funny project to work with, and especially surprising to discover so, as it's not necessarily the kind of card that I would produce spontaneously :)
I made a cute little shirt!


So why the whole thing, if it's not my comfort zone? But of course it must be some challenge lol :P
There is currently one called Pretty Pattern at 365 Cards, and it requires creating a piece of clothing with gingham as the pattern. I paper-pieced a tie, as you probably noticed.
It's a simple yet interesting card, me thinks ;)

Thanks for stopping by,
Chupa xx


  1. LOL 365 Cards is always pushing me outside my comfort zone... and I'm lovin' every minute! What a cute and clever card. :D

  2. Jesteś niesamowita!!! a to co robisz jest coraz bardziej oryginalne i piękne!!!

  3. I know some men that would actually wear that cute little tie.

  4. oh my gosh this is fantastic!! :)


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