Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The time has come!

This is going to be my last card for some time, I believe at least for a couple of days.
I found out this morning that my baby decided to turn breech at the very last moment (I'm 7 days overdue now), so that I immediately got a cesarean booked for wee morning tomorrow...
I'm going to have my little girl with me in a couple of hours, so wish me luck!!

I was planning to make a couple of cards today, especially knowing that I'll have to live without it for a while, but I couldn't concentrate!
I did make one though, but I'm far from being satisfied with it... I'm posting it anyway, as I'd usually do :)


This is my submission for the Tuesday Triplets challenge at 365 Cards (three brads), and Tuesday Morning Sketches #12 (a sketch that I used).
Now it's time for me to try and have some sleep before the Big Day, and hopefully I'll be back soon-ish with the picture of meh girlie! =D

Thank you for your visits & lovely comments, all this has been brightening up my days, and hopefully will continue to do so!
Chupa xx


  1. Love it Chupa! Your card is fabulous!!

    Praying that the c-section goes well and soon you'll have your arms filled with that sweet precious little girl that once filled your belly! Good luck - give her a kiss from me and tell I said thanks for holding out one more day so that you can join us for another challenge at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

    Rest well.

  2. Very impressed by your card and your determination! Wow--365ers will miss your participation, but you have a very good reason to stay out of the craft room.

  3. Lovely card even if concentrating was hard for you! Best wishes for you and the new little girl!

  4. What a beautiful card. I can't imaging making this while unable to concentrate, but you have a very valid reason. Good luck to you. I am saying a prayer for you and your family as I write this as you are most likely in the midst of the procedure right now. Best Wishes. Thank you for sharing your card.


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