Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Warming up for Xmas

Here it is, another Christmas card of mine - I'm glad that I keep making these, might all just come handy in a couple of months :P


This card gives me a feeling of extreme coziness, like sitting by the fireplace in a room brightly lit by the Christmas tree lights, and smelling the goodies finishing in the oven.
My gawd, how I love Christmas time :))
I hope the future recipient of this one shares my feelings about it!
The baubles are glittered, but the effect looks a bit funny on the photo, as the glitter glue hasn't yet dried up and casts a shadow.
(My hubby just said that these look like two beetroots, but I'd like to think that's his manly mind rather than me having it messed up this much LOL)

Ah, I forgot to mention that this one is going for the Mojo Monday Contest. Ahhh how I wish I could be amongst the lucky winners this week, the prize (Verve stamps) is sooo tempting!! :D

Thanks for looking in!
Chupa xx


  1. I agree, definately a cozy card! :)

  2. Hello! I like your card a lot, very nice color combination. My niece live in Perth, Australia and loved it. I am from Puerto Rico. Blogging makes the world so small!


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