Thursday, 24 December 2009

Tis' the time!!!

Well, I didn't quite make it with more cards yesterday, I was so busy preparing food & wrapping presents...
Today I'm having Polish Christmas Eve with my Australian family, but my thoughts are also with my mum and dad in Poland, and my sister in England. I wish we were together today, sharing joy and love on this most wonderful occasion, but one can't have everything, I suppose...
I'm so grateful to have them, wherever they are, as much as I'm grateful for my most wonderful Australian husband, his extraordinary family, and our cutest little baby girl.
This Christmas I'm spending the time thinking about how fortunate I am, being surrounded by such loving people, and being able to pursue my dreams and passions.
I'm looking forward to the New Year, surely it will be extraordinary too, because I BELIEVE in it.

I'd like to thank you all for all the love that you've been leaving on the pages of my blog, for your constant support and inspiration. What started a few months back as a little project, and housed few cards that were FAR from decency, grew to what it's now, with your immense help. If not you, I wouldn't go that far, neither I'd learn so much. You ROCK!!

This is my last post this year - on Boxing Day we're leaving for South Australia for a little vacation. You know... beach, sun, ice-creams... ;) LOL, so much for the snowy Christmas :)
I'm planning on a couple of changes and surprises next year. Not only I'll finally get my Kaszazz business rolling, so I'll be advertising my workshops here, but I'm also thinking about my own weekly challenges. YES! It was my dream since I began participating in various challenges around. There would be prizes too, so stay tuned!!

Well, so much for the rambling, what I really wanted to say today is...


Love you all! *muah*

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  1. Happy Christmas Chupa!
    Have a fantastic day with your family!


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