Thursday, 8 April 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

I woke up to the loveliest surprise this morning, having discovered that Marisa Ritzen, my fellow Curtain Call Crew member and a supah talented card maker, gave me this little something:


How cool is this?! Thanks so much chickie! xx
I like the idea behind it, to share ten things about ourselves, and pass it further on to ten great people. I'm a big talker at times, so excuse me if this turns out a little more elaborate than it should...
So here comes *Chupa in a nutshell*

1. I'm living in Australia with my hubby & 6-months old baby girl, but I'm a proud Pole. I miss my beautiful country and the family I left there, so very much.

2. My hubby & I met on the internet, via the hobbyist discussion forum. Within two months after we first exchanged comments, we were fast in love and engaged. Might I add, we still haven't yet seen each other, and only talked on the phone once or twice. Imagine my parents' faces when I told them that I'm engaged to an Aussie whom I never met, and I'm emigrating so that we can live together! lol

3. Card making is my current passion (and addiction), but my other passions are Landscape Design (my profession), Interior Design, photography, good books, aged buildings & ruins, paranormal (I'm not one of these freaks though, I like to seek science behind the mystery)

4. I've been through pretty tough times in my past, but as they say - what didn't kill me, strenghtened me. In result I learned how to appreciate the little things, and I embrace the child in me, that marvels at the beautiful world around.

5. I'm a pretty good cook, but after Zuzia was born, I hardly find time and will to experiment in the kitchen any more. I'm waiting for my cooking mojo to come back, so that I can have a go at home made yeast bread. Mmmmm...

6. My nickname - Chupa - is derived from Chupacabra, a fearsome legendary creature known to have a special taste in goat's blood. My hubby's nickname is Greygoat. Hehe...
These are the much cherished *remnants* from the early days ouf our internet acquaintance, and now we only call each other *Chupa* & *Goaty*

7. I was writing poems for a number of years in the past, I was even once published. Unfortunately, I'm one of these writers who get inspiration from sadeness and misfortune, and thus my mojo bid farewell as soon as I met my hubby.

8. I've been a crafty person pretty much all my life (I always preferred hand-made gifts instead of a bought stuff), but card making as such has been pretty unknown to me until I moved to Oz. I would never suspect that it can be such a large and successful industry. I started by merely making a card or two for my relatives' birthdays, but ended up hooked for life. Now I can't live without a card (or more) on most of my days. I find so much inspiration around, and in my head, that if I wanted to utilize it all, I'd have to never leave the desk at all.

9. Having decided on getting a blog, where I could share my cards, was a decision that changed my life. There's nothing more rewarding than to have my morning coffee, while reading through all the lovely comments, that you beautiful people left for me overnight. I'm sure you all know the feeling. I'm thankful for every follower, and every person that takes time to visit this place. Without you, card making would be only a fraction of the fun.

10. I wish I could eat my Stazon Jet Black inkpad. It smells sooo good!

Now, the tough part. As much as I'm glad to have the opportunity to give the girls that I love a big "thank you for being you" shout out, I know that I have to restrain myself to picking only ten. There are many more awesome girls out there, that I'll sadly have to omit this time...

Heather Pulvirenti - this chick has more talent in her fingernail, than an army worth of Chupas and alike. Seriously... Heather, if you've got a recipe of how to become you, please share! To top the goodness up, she's such a wonderful person, whom I really enjoy chatting with {{big hug}}

Melissa Phillips - her blog is my latest discovery and addiction. Not only I could ogle over her A-MA-ZING work for hours, but the way she writes her posts is extraordinary. They're so honest & warm, that they make me want to snuggle up with my little girl and just embrace the good things in life.

Kristin Bueter - I love this girl. She's so talented, and such a sweetheart! We exchanged some lovely emails, when I was a GD for Just Us Girls, and I was awestruck by her kindness. Every time she stops by one's blog to leave a comment, she makes it extra special.

Mona Pendleton - her work makes me drool like a pug. Every card of hers is a work of art, and there's no way things can get any better. Whenever she stops by my blog to leave a comment, I feel tickled pink...

Silke Ledlow - artist extraordinaire with a big, kind heart. Her SCS nickname is Sparklegirl, and my oh my, she couldn't have picked the more appropriate one! I love her personality, attitude, and I wish I could just hug her and tell her "thanks, friend"!

Teresa Kline - every time I stop by her blog, I feel like inspired for life. Her work is simply flawless... Besides, it looks like we're both equally addicted to card making, and it makes me feel better about the amount of time I devote to it. lol
I love people with passion, and I can't think of a better person to personify the passion for cards.

Tosha Leyendekker - have you seen her work? No?? Then please do! I assure you that your life won't be the same again. Every time I visit her blog, it starts with a loud *THUD*. It's my jaw dropping right on to the floor. One of these days I'll have to write her, asking to sponsor a set of dentures.

Betty Wright - amazing artist, and a wonderful person with great personality. I'm so glad to have had the pleasure to chat with her on a couple of occasions - you rock girl!

Makiko Jones - this girl is OOZING with talent! Stopping by her blog feels like Christmas - you know it's going to be festive... if I were to discover it as a kid, I'd certainly end up with "when I grow up, I want to be like Maki". Including the look. lol

Carole Kisch - I discovered her blog recently, and fell in love with her creations on the spot. This girl is a walking inspiration! I love how she shares with us where she derives her inspiration from (I got to know so many great blogs this way!), and the way she writes her posts. She has such a positive, bubbly personality, and an awesomely versatile style.

A big thanks to all of you girls, for sharing your talent with us, and for being who you are! I'm humbled by your friendship and thankful for the inspiration that you give me. You ROCK!!


  1. Just LOVE learning about people as it bring so much more personality to the cards. Your info was so much fun to read and it is nice to know someone else likes to talk on paper LOL! I have a very close friend who also met and married a guy she met on line. He was serving in Iraq at the time. Hey, with your Polish blood and my Czech blood, I'm sure we have some delicious foods we love in common (just love poppy seed in/on anything LOL!) Have a great day :D

  2. I am so honored Chupa to have received this wonderful blog award from you! Thank you so much for your ever so kind words & for thinking of me! :) It is always a treat to visit your blog & view your wonderful creations!

    I enjoyed your lil' narrative - Chupa, in a nutshell :) Very interesting :)

    I will surely accept this with great honor & pass it along! Thanks again! Hugs, Mona

  3. Iwana, thank you so much!! I'm so honored to have received this award from you! I've been a big fan of you and your card style and now I even the bigger fan after I read about you :):)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. chupa!!
    thank you so much for including me in this list of amazingly talented people!! i am shocked and delighted. ;)
    i will post my lists of ten on sunday, and of course send all of my peeps to "random acts of creativity" so that they can read your sweet, sweet love story for themselves. :)

    love your creations & your spirit & your sweet, smiling face.
    big hugs!!

  5. AWWWW Iwona you are the sweetest!!! Thank you for passing this awesome award on to me...and I agree all the other ladies are fabulous too!!! Love them all!!! It's also fun to get to know you a bit better :) as you know you always blow me away with your creativity and tons of fabulous cards!!! You rock GF!!! Keep them coming!!!

    I'll try to post my *top ten* next week!!! Thank you again for thinking of me!!! Have a fabo weekend!!! Hugs ~S~

  6. You totally rock!! Thank you so much for passing on that award to me, it totally made my day, and I loved getting to learn more things about the amazing, Iwona! *HUGS*

    Oh! I totally had to LOL @ number 10 on your list... I looooooove the smell of stazon, too!! :)

  7. wow, thanks so much Chupa, what an honor!

    enjoy *~*


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