Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A cherry on top!

I'm a happy happy girl! I just found out that the awesomely talented and super sweet Andrea Ewen, my buddy from the CASE Study DT, gave me this award:


Thank you so very much, chickie!! Yay!
You're a source of constant inspiration to me, a wonderful gal and I'm so glad that you agreed to share your talent on the Team!

In order to keep this sweet little treat, I need to share a couple of things about myself...
Firstly, I need to specify three things that I like about myself... here goes :)

- I learnt to really enjoy life, and I'm not afraid to express my emotions. I will squeal like a baby, when something makes me happy, and I think that's how it should be. We've got only one life, and we should live it to the fullest.
- I love being a mum. It's been a year that Zuzia was born, and I remember wondering what kind of mother I'll be. I think I'm doing quite well so far :) Zuzia is my greatest teacher, and takes me to many amazing places, that I'd never reach without her.
- I've always been a little different that the others, and I've always embraced that. It's the differences that make us so interesting for each other. I'll never hide it that I'm actively interested in paranormal, that I may see things that others don't, that I'm not a Christian, or that I like "dark" music. If someone doesn't like it, that's not my problem, but theirs :)

I also need to share a picture that love:


The two most precious people in the whole wide world... my hubby and Chuplet... I love them so much, that every time that I think about them, I've got happy tears in my eyes. My family means the world to me.

And now, to the hardest part! I'm now supposed to pass the award to five wonderful bloggers. I can think of so many girls that I'd like to give this one to, but I'd like to take this opportunity and let the rest of my dear CASE Study DT gals know, how much it means to me, that they decided to join me on my journey and share their talents...
And yes, this means that I'm going to go OVER the number five here, but there's NO way I'm resigning from any of them! :P

Sue... I love this girl!! She was the first stampin' buddy that I met personally, and goodness gracious, that woman is da bomb!! I'm so grateful for having met her... and have you seen what she does with ink and paper?! No?? You don't know what you're losing, baby! :)

Aimes... that girl is bursting with talent & energy!! She's also such a wonderful commenter... something that I lack of severely! Ugh... I'm sure that if we met, we'd have an ultra fabulous time together!!

Carole... this is the second time that I'm giving her an award, but she's worth it all and so much more!! To visit her blog is a rare treat and a balm to my soul- not only she's such a natural in card making and whips up the most outstanding masterpieces, but she's one of the most charming and open-hearted persons that I met online.

Cindy... she never fails to bring a smile to my face! Her cards are just like her: cheerful, full of freshness and so very beautiful!

Lenet... my goodness, this woman gives vintage a whole new meaning! I love her fabulous creativity, and how I WISH I could have even a fraction of her amazing talent!

Teneale... I'm a die-hard fan of hers!!! Every time I look at her projects, I'm in awe of how everything is just where is should be - she's churning up the most perfect designs, people! I'm so pleased to know that she's a fellow Australian, and I promised myself that I'll do my very best to have us meet one day!

Thank you so much again, Andrea! It was so sweet of you...

Also, thank you everybody, who came to read this little something :) You're all a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me, I hope that the work that I share inspires you too! {hugs}


  1. THANK YOU so much for the award and the kind things you said about us, Iwona!! I'm so happy have you as my friend and to be part of your great team! Hugs to you gal!

  2. i love these kinds of awards, chupa, where we get to learn a bit more about the blogger. i love your point about being unafraid of being different. indeed, it should be a point of pride!! so you go, girl. ;)
    and i keep forgetting to mention it, but my g. is also a huge fan of h.p. lovecraft!! so that makes...what...two of you now??!! hee hee!!

    thank u so much for your kind words ~ i might start a journal-of-compliments for myself, where i will copy these lovely things so i can keep them forever. your praise means so much to me. for reals. ;)

  3. Awww thanks so much girlie! Y'know it's such a pain that you were here in the UK just before we kinda met...but if we do meet we're in for a fab time for sure!
    Your pic is just ♥sweet♥ and I love to learn that li'l bit more about ya (we're both ones who squeal with delight on occasion *wink*)


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