Friday, 1 October 2010

Another blog award!

Hello again, I hope you haven't missed my previous post?? :)
I received a blog award the other day, from the lovely and awesomely talented Danielle Daws, but I didn't have time to post it until now.
Thank you so much, Danielle - you're very much appreciated!! :)


To be able to keep this one, I have to...
  1. Put the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award on my blog
  2. Share 5 things about myself.
  3. Pass the award onto 5 other Bonny Blogs.
  4. Add links to my 5 chosen Bonny Blog Winners.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen to win the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by leaving a comment on their blog.
Please forgive me for not forwarding it to anyone specific this time... I had the hardest choice the last time & ended up with seven recipients instead of five... so I decided to dedicate this one to all of my SUPER FABULOUS READERS!!!
You are the sun in my sky, my friends, and the reason I create. I cannot THANK YOU enough for the constant encouragement and love!!
If you're one of my wonderful, faithful followers (you know who you are!!!) feel free to grab this badge for yourselves - just let me know if you did, so that I can check out your post and read about you too :)

I may share five things about myself... I remember doing it recently too, but there's a bit more to myself than that! *wink*
  1. I'm an introvert and need time to get accustomed to the new faces. When someone earns my friendship, though, they're sure to gain the most devoted and loving friend.
  2. I love to dance and sing. I suppose I'm not too bad at both, but I rarely let anyone check it for themselves :P
  3. I feel younger now, than five years ago. It's all in the brainz, people!
  4. I don't drive. Somehow I never happened to get the driving license. It's in my plans, but I've got much less courage now than when I was a teenager.... ugh!
  5. I've always been hopelessly sentimental, but you should see what happened to me after Zuzia was born... a little sobbing (mostly happy tears) is now on my daily routine!
Okey dokey! I hope you enjoyed :) Thanks so much again, Danielle! I'm honoured and very happy to have received it from you... {MWAH}

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