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An itsy-bitsy candy alert

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Well my dear friends, the time has finally come for sugar & spice, and everything nice at Chupa's blog :)
I've been watching the number of my followers rising, with great thankfulness and joy, and now that it's nearly at 300... wowza!! I'm gobsmacked...I can't tell you how much it means to me, that you're finding inspiration in what I do!
Also, as the time of giving thanks & being jolly is coming, I thought that I'd do a little giveaway, in a gesture of appreciation to all of you wonderful people.
It happens that I've got a couple of stamps that need a caring owner... ;)

These cuties from PaperWorks Co & We R Memory Keepers:

these two Hero Arts & Inkadinkado stamp sets,

beautiful Prima mini clear stamps,

the woodblock grass stamp by Impress...

A couple of Kaszazz cling rubber stamps, including this two-step butterfly, and a Frangipani... (there's also a lovely folk quilt stamp, but I couldn't find a photo of it on the web)

In addition to this, what about the Cuttlebug Embossing/Die Set,

... heaps of yummy ribbon, and as many other bits & pieces as I can find in the meantime :)

What do you need to do to get these for a Christmas present?
Please leave me a comment under this post, telling me why you paper craft, or what you love most about it. Do you send/give out your creations, or are you a hoarder? Or, is there anything that you'd like to see on my blog next year?

I will keep this opened until the end of the month, and I'll draw a random winner shortly afterwards.
Let it be a meaningful comment, please... Forcing anyone into following my blog is against my ethics, therefore the offer is open to anyone. Keep in mind though, that if I draw a person who seems to be only interested in the giveaway ( I call them "candy hunters" :)), I will do another drawing.
Comment away! {MWAH}


  1. Hi Iwona. For me papercrafting is my quiet time a the end of a busy day (I'm a teacher) when I can wind down, forget about the day and play, play, play. I do give away my cards to family and friends and sell some also at work. I also like to scrapbook but card making has taken over as my craft of choice these days. Congrats on the 300 followers. Cheers!

  2. I like to create something; sometimes it brings me peace, other times if I am struggling, I need to step away and try again another time. I give a lot of the cards to friends and family for their events or as gifts for soembody else to use. I get lots of pleasure seeing what ohter people are creating while visiting blogs.
    You are so prolific and it seems you explore many styles. Whatever direction you are heading in, is more than fine with me!
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Iwona!
    Oeh, how sweet of you to do this and, yep, you've hot loads of followers, that's truly wonderful, but nor surprising, because your creations are always so beautiful and inspirational! Good thing you're saying about the 'candy hunters', I had my experience with them as well. Well, I'm not a candy hunter, but don't we all like the candy's, hi hi!
    What do I like about paper crafting... Well, I've only found this card making hobby beginning of this year, when I bought my Cuttlebug. I've always been creative, but since I started working 11 years ago, it came to a very low level.. I just couldn't find the time for it anymore.. but then I found this and it combines all I love! I love paper, colors, sending mail, and stamping! And i can use sooo many techniques on the cards and what's even better, you can choose if you want to spend a lot of time, or little time on a card! I also write snailmail letters with a lot of people, and I can now also send them my handmade cards. Which brings me to your other question, I don't have any of my cards at home anymore, hi hi, I sent them all out! Well, I didn't make as many as you, but I think 2 or three a week and they are all in other homes now and I love that! I'm curious, you make soooo many cards, what so you do with them? ;-)
    What would I love to see on your blog next year? Hmmm, well, more of your creations, love them always and love to be surprised by what you make! I do love your CAS cards as well, maybe some more of that? I love textures and kraft paper, so I'm always looking for inspiration with those, but love all your cards!
    Ooops, this comment got quite long, hope you don't mind! ;-)
    All the best to you, dear Chupa!

    Hugs, Wendy

  4. I recently stumbled across your blog and I really love your work---I've added you to my blog reader!!

    For me I love paper crafting bc it's a creative outlet for me. For my "real" job I'm a scientist and it's as far from creative as you can get---I love how free paper crafting makes me feel.

    Thanks for the chance to win all those great stamps....I *MUST* have that tennis girl (if you happen to go to my blog and look at the address you'll know why LOL!)

  5. What do I love Most about paper crafting?? hmmm, tough question but it's probably all of the patterns. I love patterned paper. It's all so different and as my moods change so do my tastes in paper. I also love fabric and if I was any good at sewing I probably would hoard that too!! I make a tonne of cards but my husband would say I'm a product hoarder. I try not too but sometimes I just can't part with beautiful paper or ribbons or rhinestones. My favourite thing about paper crafting is see peoples faces when they discover it's all hand made by me! Such a rewarding feeling.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration. I always check in on your blog and your talents are so diverse. Always makes me want to come back and check it out!!

  6. Thanks for the chance to win, Chupa! That is quite the "itsy bitsy" giveaway LOL! Why do I make cards - believe it or not it is very satisfying for a non-creative person to actually produce something "creative". Love the challenge of making it work and the satisfaction I get from "beating some paper" and stretching myself in a area that I don't come across naturally LOL! Kind of a fill in for the competitive sports I don't get a chance to play much any more. I know, competing against paper is not natural LOL! Many of my cards are for sales in stores that carry mine and some do get sent to friends etc. but not as many as I would like to! If I didn't have to sell cards so I could buy some new stamping goodies many more would be headed out the door to friends. Hopefully some day that will be the case. New things to see on your blog - nothing comes to mind. You are amazing in your variety of styles and challenges. Perfect the way it is :)

  7. Hello Iwona, I have been stalking your blog for quite a long time. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration. The thing I like mot about paper crafting is sending the handmade cards I make to family members and and also to members of our church. Thanks for the chance. Hugs, Nellie.

  8. You have some of the cutest cards! I love all the ones you've done with the little girls on them.

    Paper crafting gives me an excuse to take time for myself to do something that I love. I also love how handmade cards, etc. mean mean so much more than the boring store bought things. I will admit that every once in a while I make a card I think is so cute, I just can't bare to part with it. :o) But I'm also not above making another one so I can keep one for my enjoyment and have one to send to someone special.

    Thanks for the inspiration and this awesome opportunity to win some cool stamps!

  9. That's a nice big giveaway there! Thanks for a chance! My paper crafting is several different things to me. I started card making when preparing my wedding, I wanted my Thank You cards to be all hand made and different from one another. I loved it because I was projecting myself in the future, I was put in an "already wed" state of mind... Then, there are the cards I make for a particular person for birthday or new baby: I love spending time thinking to the person and trying to figure out what they'll feel when they'll receive a hand-made card... And there are also the cards I make for my design team: I love to have constraints to follow, it boosts the imagination, and I love being part of a team and taking part in the great adventure of a small trademark trying to grow... For all kinds of cards, I love that it's some "me" time, I have to stay focused so it helps forgetting all the stress of my professional life...

  10. When I was in school, I was basically told I wasn't creative or artistic. I didn't excel in the confines of an art class that public school offered...so I believed what I was told. My aunt Amy gave me a scrapbooking kit when I graduated from high school, and I LOVED every minute of putting together my first scrapbook. Then I found card making about 8 years ago, and I feel completely different about myself. I realized that I do have a creative side, it was just in a craft that school didn't offer. The other side of that...I LOVED photography my whole life. And I realized that photography is just as creative. So now my career & my hobby mean I am creative most of the day....and I love that.

    Thanks for offering up such a nice giveaway! You know that I love to come to your blog and check everything out!! You are like the challenge queen, and do such a great job on all of them!! Keep it up in the new year! ♥♥♥

  11. Paper Crafting is my time... My husband loves to play soccer... I love to be creative. Paper is something I love to touch, look at, create with. I do make projects for myself... like my scrapbooks but for the most part I give my creations away. I use my creative time to also listen to my Christian CD's and have a quiet worship time while I create. Sometimes I sit and pray for and think about the person I am creating something special for. I love your projects and idea on your blog. I think you need to make sure you do your blog for you... to keep you happy...You don't need to prove anything! Just share what you want... create what you want. Try new things of course because we all love to try and experament. But if you hate something... it will not be fun for you anymore. Enjoy your crafty time! Thanks for all you do to inspire us!

  12. Perfect timing on my part because I came here to tell you that I've selected you as 1 of my 8 to receive a Stylish Blogger Award. Your blog and CASE Study challenge are amazing.

    Paper crafting, as a creative activity, is fun. It's an activity I can enjoy on my own as well as with friends, virtual and real. I'm generally a hoarder but I like giving away my creations.


  13. I don't think I'm "me" without cardmaking. I truly do it because I LOVE to and it doesn't hurt to have homemade cards to give someone else a little lift! I love challenges and trying new things....that's what is so amazing about this hobby. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  14. I paper craft most of the time for myself. It helps me unwind and be what I am. I have been into paper crafts in childhood but it was only about an year ago that I found blogging as the strong medium of sharing what I have always loved doing.

    Most of the time I give out my cards though if they are my favorite, I sometimes have trouble parting from them :) . I make cards on requests from friends and family too.

    I would love to see more of your CAS because I love what you create with all the bright colors and before I forget to mention I love looking at your cute little bug - Zuzia. She is such a happy child, so cute and adorable. May God always bless her with health and happiness :)


  15. Thank you for the chance to win. Your cards are an inspiration for me. I find my "card time" is my stress release. My husband has cancer, and I have two teen-agers, and there are times I need an escape. Working on a project makes me feel that I am doing something positive since it will be given to someone else, and I have control over something. I have my blog where others have given positive feedback which is also another wonderful thing, and I started the blog from the encouragement of my husband who is one of my biggest supporters. It is wonderful to share with a world who understands and can give me some needed inspiration.

  16. Congrats on so many followers! I have no doubt that the number will keep rising! I love visiting your blog - you've always got something inspirational to share!

    I love paper craft because it's an escape. Especially colouring. I find watercolouring in particular allows me to stop over-thinking, which I do an awful lot. I'm getting quicker at it though, so there's less escape time!! lol

    I'm a complete hoarder. I often can't bear to part with because there's so much of me in there. And I have a not-so-secret fear that the recipient wouldn't like it anyway...

    I love all your cards, but your CAS cards blow me away! I love your tutorials too, you make it seem so easy! :-)

  17. I love paper crafting because it is a stress reliever for me and helps me relax. I tend to send part of my cards, and hoard the other half! LOL

  18. Paper crafting allows me to be creative in a fun and inky way. I love the feel of paper and knowing I can make something wonderful out of it. It really helps to take my mind off the days stresses.

    I don't hoard cards, only supplies! I send out most everything I make either to family and friends for special occasions or for various card drives for soldiers, sick kids and the elderly. I also package about cards and give them as gifts so the recipient has some cards in her stash to send out when needed.

  19. Hi Iwona,

    I have been following you and your blog since you became a trendsetter for TSG stamps, your style is awesome and I love your cards. Sure it would be nice to receive your blog candy, and I sure can relate how you feel about the candy hunters, they are everywhere. Thank You so much for your inspiration each and every time you post a card from the TSG stamps and of course the blog candy.

  20. Congratulations on all your hits, I can see why as I love what you do you have such a eye for color, style it all fits. Your very talened.
    I love making cards as it's just a great feeling seeing peoples faces when they receive them or comments if I am not around.. My grandchildren love them and say they have saved all of them its almost better than the present now how sweet is that. I love the blog challenges out there to keep my mind active and I have quite a few cards at home but I do have a card for that oops forgot celebration instead of running to the store.

  21. Hey Iwona!
    To me, papercrafting is the special time I get to have to be myself and use up any leftover energy to create. Most of the cards I've made since I started cardmaking less than a year ago are for Operation Write Home. I love that the cards I create just for fun can touch the lives of troops and their loved ones they've been seperated from. I also love the comments I get when I hand make a wine tag or a gift box. People don't seem to realize how fun and special it is to do these small things yourself. It's also something my daughter and I have in common and can share. I donate all of my cards but save all of hers. Congrats on your 300..and I thought 20 was big! =)

  22. Hi Iwona! Papercrafting is great because you can express your imagination and you cand do cute things to your beloved ones. I've starting card making in the university! I had spare time and I met a wonderful girl that introduced me to card making and other handmade stuff. So I begin making some Christmas cards for her to sell to a fair. And from 20 she sell 8 so I thought it is a good deal :) . After that I lived 6 months in Holland and there they have a little shop with wonderful crafting stuff. I loved that store! To bad I didn't had enough money to buy stuff from it. But I managed. Now, whenever I go abroad I buy some. And now the Christmas aproaches again so I intend to give to the same wonderful girl my cards for her to sell them. I hope this year will be better and I can raise money to buy new crafting stuff.
    Congrats for the number of followers! Your blog is great!

  23. I agree....so nice and thoughtful of you to do a giveaway. I love seeing your cards on SCS...really wonderful gallery. I try and visit your blog when I can. I paper craft because I need to have a hobby I enjoy. I must say that I love to create the cards but I think I enjoy giving them away just as much. I like your cards because they have a cleaner, crisp look even though they may have layers. I would like to know where you find your inspiration. I would love to see the 'cas' type of cards and how you would create them.
    Thanks again,

  24. How sweet it is of you to do a giveaway - I love winning things, especially crafty things! Why do I paper craft? Hmm, not sure there is room here for my answer! I have a very creative soul, I have many creative hobbies but paper crafting seems to be the easiest for me to do at any given moment. I love paper and embellishments! I have a definite paper fetish - could even call it hoarding... I love to create something beautiful and give it away or keep it to enjoy it - usually I create for others though. I love to see what others have created - it is so inspiring! Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and also for the creative inspiration you give!

  25. I've been scrapping so long it's hard to think why I got into it, but I know I'm too addicted to stop. Something about all the beautiful colours at my fingertips maybe? I'd never in my life paint a room or wear lime green, but it sure is fun to use it on a card or layout. (and with purple or orange no less!) I also love the great times scrapping with friends and giving away handmade cards. As for hoarding? Let's not go there!
    Thanks for the giveaway, I love seeing what all the TSG trendsetters are doing.

  26. Hi Iwona~
    I love your blog, and your candy is YUMMY!
    I have been in all kinds of crafts since I was a very young child, my mom would take me to this craft store in Waco TX and all these ladies would be painting, I officially starting scrapbooking about 8-9 yrs ago,I started making albums for those who could not do it on their own,started hosting Scrap Parties for different groups of people, have always sent my projects to others.. I truly love scrapbooking,it is a way of life...
    I am a new follower, love what I see, just keep adding your projects and you have my vote!
    TFS and a chance to win
    Bonnie C

  27. Hi, just dropped by to see your CASE study card which is gorgeous! All that red is so inspiring!
    I was happy to find this candy and I will not follow via that followers widget because I don't use it. I visit your blog on Thursdays when the CASE study challenge is out. I don't know why I paper craft.I tried other crafts too but I always get back to paper. When I realized my love for paper crafts I decided to go to art school and get better at it. The great thing about paper crafting is that I don't get bored. There's always something fresh to try, to learn, always new supplies on the market. I am not sure it would be the same without the blog community. Used to be a hoarder but I am slowly recovering from it.

  28. I just love the fact that I can make cards that other people like when I send them to them. It takes me far too long to make a card! I am always behind schedule making cards for my friends and family. Mine all get given away unless they end up in the bin! I am not creative myself and am always looking around on blogs for ideas and inspiration.

    I visit your blog just because I love your creations. They are so beautiful but way out of my league. I just love looking at them.

    I like your blog just the way it is.

  29. I craft beacause I love to create new things all the time... paper gives this thing that anything you do can be different and people appreciate when you give a card or a bookmark... I'm learning because I'm new at cardmaking and scrapbooking. I was crafting all my life, I like to paint and to sew too... I did some things in paper back in 2008, but since the beginning of this year I am serious about learning papercrafts.
    YOur blog is really nice and full of ideas for us who are learning :)
    Thanks for sharing this yummy candy.

  30. Hiya,
    I'll just come straight out with it... I am a paper addict... and my personal addiction is to make cards! I'll try any new styles and techniques and love to watch what others are up to. I have been in the background following blogs for a while & finally took the plunge & created my own. I am having heaps of fun & in the meantime am doing the thing I love the most which is, make cards. I like making 'personal' cards that I know people will appreciate, but have to admit that if I have paper that I adore I will hold on to it for a while before I cut into it... because then I won't have it anymore (I don't think that I am alone here?).
    By the way... you are amazing! Every time I check out your blog I can't believe how many more beautiful cards you have made. I think you must be a card making machine!
    Thanks heaps,

  31. Chupa, I love your blog, so as for what do I want to see next year, hmmmmm....not sure because I look to you for ideas. I use these blog sites for inspiration. You have helped me broaden my color palate and imagination. I can't say that I am a hoarder because I usually make a card when it is needed and I try to use what I have. But I have purchased in the past two months a cuttlebug, some embossing folders and a skor buddy. Thanks for the chance for some blog candy. Have a great day. joanvanc@gmail.com

  32. I am a recent follower of your blog and am amazed time and time again by your talent! I say keep doing what you've been doing! I craft because I love creating things that make, me, and the people that receive them happy! I have been noticing lately that I have way more supplies then I know I will ever use so I am trying to cut back on things like ribbon, and buttons, but I can't resist stamps, and Cuttlebug embossing folders! Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize package!

  33. Chupa, I love visiting your blog because each card is a true work of art. I craft because after I complete a beautiful card, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I like to make cards for others. I give cards as gifts and mail them out. When I make a card I really love, however, it is hard to part with it.

  34. How sweet of you! I LOVE your blog, I honestly don't know how you consistently pop out such beautiful cards. You truly are an artist and I appreciate you taking the time to share with the world. Hmm, I craft because it's stress relief. I love that what I make can be used to bless others so I give away a ton of my creations. Definately not a hoarder. Thanks again,


  35. Hi Iwona,
    I wanted to let you know I love your blog ( I give almost everything away that I make)-but I have an award I'd love for you to receive at my blog: raquelsdesigns.blogspot.com, I'd love for you to stop by!

  36. To make a card that someone else likes and comments on, and shows off to others is so satisfying and lifts my happiness meter. I find that it is very frustrating to paint, as I am not that good (but I love it) and I guess stamping and colouring and fiddling is a way for my creative gene to get a go and feel some sort of satisfaction when I look at the finished product. I just love my stash - and I have a grandchild that just loves it the same way, too - you look at it, and you sigh over it, and you add to it! A bit like a magpie, I guess - nice shiny things that are new and MINE - what do you mean, use them? Weell, may be, sometime....I enjoy the fact that I am getting better at doing something, even at my age. And that I can look proficient when I have to - you know, forgot to make it, do it in a hurry style of thing..... so that's some of the reason why I like this craft.

  37. Hello Iwona - hopefully I am just in time for this fabulous Candy!! You are so very talented and generous! Whay do I craft - because I cannot go a day without putting ink on paper and turning it into something special, often with a specific person in mind! I love the thrill of seeing it all come together into a work of the heart! I also sell my cards to help with everyday living , but in reality this just enable me to do that which I am obessed with - the funny thing is that when I first started 2.5 years ago I was invited to a SU Workshop and I thought 'How boring'! LOL! I laugh at that ignorance of that stament now!

    This wonderful passion has been such a thrill for me and has helped see me through the stress of a Mini Stroke and an undiagnosed mass on my CAT Scan, it has helped me through some deep losses and helped me connect with some of the most beaiutiful people I could ever hope to meet! This is more than a hobby for me it is a passion and a lifestyle!! Just as well my family are supportive! LOL!

    Although I sell a lot of my cards, I do love to send the special ones to friends especially those in Blogville! Thank you again Iwona - this is a DIVINE Csndy we would ALL love to win! {{{hugs}}}

  38. Hi there! congratulations of your followers! and thank you for the candy you offer, so very generous of you.
    Answering your questions I craft because is therapeutic for me in the first place, it relaxes my brain (I have a stressing job that I like a lot btw, but stressing anyway...). Secondly I was taught to craft by my mom and I enjoy to do hand crafted things since I recall. It also meakes me happy, I like everything I do eventhough is not perfect and pretty (as your crafting for example) but I find confort in all my crafts, I put a part of me in everything I do.
    I manly craft just because, I tried to sell my things but I was not luky and Im not putting much effort in pursuing that area, so I have my house with plenty of pretty things everywere, some of them I give them to my friends and family but most of them live far from here so it´s difficult to send things abroad without having them broken.
    And for your last question, I´ll love to see more of your creations, whatever you create is always inspiring and beautiful, you are very talented and creative, so please, don´t stop creating! :-)
    Have a great day!


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