Monday, 10 January 2011

Cards for sale!!

Many of you know me well enough, to know that I create A LOT. Card making became essential part of my life, it gives me unspeakable joy and I can't imagine my life without this creative outlet any more.
None the less, you can also imagine that my craft room is swamped with cards :)
In the past I have given hundreds of them to my family, donated to charities or simply sent out, but there are many more that I cherish, and I wish they found a recipient who would appeciate them.
There's another thing that bugs me - the not-so-lovely part of my hobby is the fact that it's simply expensive. Being a SAHM, I often struggle to keep up with my work.
In result, I decided to offer my cards for sale. I thought of ETSY, but with hundreds of cards, I would need a second life only to have them listed... lol
I came up with this idea...

I'm offering you a deal of either 3,5 or 10 of my original cards, for as little as:
$10 for 3 cards
$15 for 5 cards
$25 for 10 cards
(the same prices apply to American Dollars as well as Australian Dollars)

If you're interested in purchasing, please drop me a line at with the number of your choice and the name of your country, so that I can calculate the postage cost.
I promise to send you only the best of my work, in a secure padded bag, and I'll make sure to include a little "thank you" gift with every purchase.

You are welcome to choose specific cards (I reserve the right to decline any that were made with a recipient in mind, or when someone else "booked" them first), or if you're less fussy, to specify the theme (or whatever else you wish). Otherwise I'll choose the cards myself, and I assure you that you won't be disappointed! :)

All payments are to be made via PayPal. If you don't have an account, feel free to ask me for help creating one. It's easy-peasy and pays off!

If any of you chose to take this opportunity, I will be eternally grateful... :)
Not only I'll have great joy in knowing that someone would like to own my work, but you would also help me support my hobby (read: make my hubby believe that my case is not completely lost *grin*)
Thank you for bearing with me!


  1. Fabulous idea, Chupa and wonderfully priced. Hoping you get lots of takers so you can continue to razzle dazzle us with more goodies :)

  2. Chupa, liking your blog! Techniques are so well illustrated! Cheerful cards always make a lovely statement. An email will be coming your way.
    Keep Looking UP!

  3. Hi Chupa,

    I have been admiring the amazing work that you do for a while. As a card maker myself, knowing a thing or two about cards and supplies, I think that you could easily ask for (and get) $15 for 3 cards...Your cards are so intricate and well done! Again, LOVE your work...


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