Friday, 28 October 2011

October Afternoon Guestie - Week 3

Me again! Haha! I bet you've got enough of me by now, don't you? *wink*
It's not even my last word for today, there's at least one more post coiming... The Craft's Meow release, anyone?? Fun, FUN!

I just wanted to let you know, that my last GD post at the October Afternoon's blog is up. You can view the details here, but I can certainly show you what I made this time...


Yep! I scrapped... and to top it up, I'm even happy with how I photographed this one! I can hear the angels sing... :)
I'm super sad that my Guest Designer gig is over, it went by all too quickly. However, the good memories is what I will have forever. Hmmm... maybe I should scrap it too?? haha
See you in T minus 1 hour (roughly), for the first day of the TCM release! You don't want to miss it, honestly...


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