Saturday, 31 March 2012

Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge 91

I'm immensely sleepy tonight (being Friday evening, a day before this post launches), so this week's Waltzingmouse sketch was right up my alley. One layer, baby!
I'm also starting to dig this whole CAS thingie... after a few months' practice, I'd say better late than never! :)

As one-layer as it takes for me, I couldn't resist to pop up the said layer on the card base... lol!
Again, the prime inspiration was my good friend and an unbelievable talent, Debby.
I pulled out my brand new Waltzingmouse stamps for this number, French Country. With wild pleasure, might I add... purrrrr!


Hop over to the Waltzingmouse Sketch blog, to see more from the Mischief Makers! I hope you also have a chance to check out my blog on Sunday, lots of stuff coming! See you then,


  1. This is really beautiful. Elegant. You did a wonderful job with it.

  2. I love that orange Chupa! My yellow, grey and white phase seems to be morphing into an orange, grey and white phase. Love it! And thank you so much for the shout out too :)

  3. Gorgeous almost one layer, LOL!!! Actualy since it's white on white...I think it counts!!! Love that border!!,

    All of the above cards arefabulus too!!!


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