Sunday, 13 May 2012

Some recent publications

Hi, lovelies! Many of you are still celebrating Mother's Day, I hope it's full of happy moments!
We had a nice, slow paced day yesterday, visited my parents-in-law and spent an evening chatting and laughing. Zuzia handed me a big bouquet of native flowers, which was definitely a highlight of the day! She said "Look mummy, I got a plesent f'ya''. Love her to bits, says a proud mummy!

We celebrate Mother's Day at a different time in Poland, yet I couldn't help but think about my mum and miss her particularly on this special day. The good thing is, that (also yesterday) I applied for mum & dad's visas to visit us in October! They are going to spend half a year with us, we will have Christmas and Easter together and we'll make sure to make the most of this precious time. We've been planning this for a good couple of months now, and I swear I'm already counting the days.

On the crafty side, I come to share a couple of recent pubs, again it's something that I should have done long ago!

First up, there's one card in a April issue of Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine.

You can find my card on page53, as a part of a "Laser-cut Chipboard feature".

I also have one card in the Create: Vintage book, you can find it on page 22.

I just love how they photograph the pieces in printed magazines. It makes me happy to see my cards "pampered" like this...
I will try to stop by with a card or two, in a few hours. Zuzia is in day care today and I have some "me" time to spend. See you later!


  1. Oh Congratulations Iwona!! I love the way they photograph the cards too!! Your cards btw are stunners!!!

  2. Congrats on the publications, they are both really gorgeous! Glad you had a nice mothers' day and love the store about the flowers. She is just adorable :) Cheers, Teresa


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