Friday, 6 July 2012

A ramble. Plus some cards.

Happy Saturday for me! Happy whatever time of the day for you, my friends :)

I did lat night what I haven't done for quite a while - late night stamping. Actually, I made a total of three cards, which is quite something!
It still feels like a strange thing to say, though. Ever since I got hooked on card making three years ago, I've been a MAD stamper. My followers would know well how I would post at least once-twice a day, month after month, often with more than one card in a post. I never stopped for a minute loving what I'm doing, but I was dangerously close to it a few weeks back, and it made me rethink this whole "business"...

A few words of explanation is, methinks, in order.
I always said that I loved being busy crafting and it was always true. I knew that one day I'll naturally choose to slow down, what I didn't predict is that it's going to be an emergency evacuation.
Long story short, I started into the new year with what turned out to be way too much. Even for myself... even though you thought I'm some kind of card making super woman, lol
As of lately, I'm no longer a member of Spellbinders Design Team. I also recently resigned from Glitz Design DT, as you might have noticed.

I pruned a lot this year, some of these decisions cost me much stress as well, but I realized it's high time I took it easy. I left only a couple of favourite Teams and I'm enjoying more free time (family time, "me" time and much in between... ) instead.
I'm creating with more freedom, you can say I discovered a new quality of stamping. I love it. So. Much.

So, what change does it mean to this blog? Not much of it, really. Less posting. More variety on top of the regular cards. More happiness shared, perhaps?
I started with a new blog design, which was a sort of catharsis, and I can only hope that you'll still pop in for a visit :)

Now, if you're still here and not snoring yet, I've got cards to share!
(Whew! You thought I'm never going to get here, did you??)

I actually took the photos of the cards straight away last night, but I wasn't sure if I liked them. I've got much less favourable night light conditions in this house. Turns out I can't take a satisfactory photo of them this morning either (grrrr!), so instead I opted for giving you a choice and seeing which ones are better.


Artificial light.

I picked these fabulous poppies from Stampendous (Poppy Bottles set) a few weeks ago and they finally saw their first inking. They're not everyday stamps for me, being so tall and reducing the number of layouts I can use them for. None the less, I adore them!
I stamped the outlines in Memento Gray Flannel, and the flower heads in Morocco and Love Letter. I love the subtle difference in tones.
The tiny scallops were done with decorative scissors. The design of this card was inspired by Tuesday Trigger: A Plate of Pretty Poppies. From the scallop detail on the plate, to the two tones of blooms.

It also happens to be fitting in the Stamp It! Cards Birthday Challenge in the Moxie Fab World.

Next card, playing with some PTI Fruit Fusion: Apples dies here.


Artificial light.

I decorated the apples with a button and some stamping (the apple insert, also from PTI, is barely visible; the text is from The Craft's Meow Typically Teen set - such is the big sentiment)
The gingham paper is from My Mind's Eye, I also used a MME brad and some washi tape.

The layout is from rs#18, and I'm also linking the card in the Stamp It! Cards Congratulations Challenge in the Moxie Fab World.

If you got through this humongous post, you rock! Ha! Thank you. For all your beautiful comments as well. You know they rock my world. I'm always welcoming suggestions as well, please let me know about the photography!
See you a wee bit later, for the WMS sketch and my new sketch perhaps too... Saturdays are still busy here :)


  1. Hi Chupa!

    First - I like the artificial light; less blue, more crisp.

    Second... good for you for finding your love of stamping, and taking a step back so you could get back to that. I don't imagine you'll lose any followers - it's your talent that draws us here!

    Good luck!

  2. I think the artificial light from what I see, but I normally go with the daylight option (not helpful, I know). Beautiful poppies! I love that little scallop that reflects the picture. Darling apple card as well.

  3. I'm not going to comment on which lighting is best because I'm having a nightmare with that very issue myself at the moment! Over here (in England) it doesn't know whether it wants to be summer or not, but it's been mostly cloudy and ruining my photographs! :) white cards are never easy to take pictures of anyway, you never quite get the true hue :)

    Both your cards are awesome, as per usual! I know I don't normally comment on your blog (for fear of saying the exact same thing everyday!) but I do pop by every single day to see what's new as I find your work very inspiring :)

    I'm glad that you've had a little spring clean in regards to your 'responsibilities'. I think sometimes we can all get a bit bogged down with all the challenges (and design teams I should imagine!) and start making cards in a certain vein because we 'have' to. I think it is important to remember why we all started doing this in the first place :) it must've been hard to walk away from some of the fabulous design teams and opportunities that they presented you with and I'm glad that you feel better for it and you're stamping for the love of stamping - undoubtedly that will mean that you will create even more wonderful things and I can't wait!

    Ok, I wrote a bit of an essay there myself, but it's something that I think about often, so thank you :)

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

    PS Don't get rid of CASE study or I may cry! Ha ha! :)

  4. I prefer the artificial light. Maybe that's because it's what I'm use to with my photos. I don't have a good place in my house at the moment to get consistent daylight so I use a light box.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about how hectic blogging and design responsibilities can be. I think it's wonderful that you're looking for that balance in your life. I too am conscious of not doing too much so that I have the time and freedom to just make cards for the pure fun of it.

    All that being said—I popped by to comment on the card you made with this week's RetroSketch. I love the bold red apples on the white and gold patterned paper! Such a striking card!!! :)

  5. I totally understand your need to "pare back" and I have done the same thing this year. It DOES cause stress because we want to do it all. But stepping back and refueling is something all artists must do and I look at it as a cycle - an almost predictable ebb and flow. Your projects are always amazing, and I can only expect to see that continue. Time off doesn't mean defeat, it's a period of refreshment. Good for you for having the courage to let go.

  6. good for you, Chupa, and some soul searching. I know the thrill when one first starts blogging, it can be very addicting :) But there are the other parts of our lives too...the trick is to find the balance. So happy to hear you are feeling that balance now :) LOVE these happy red flowers...gorgeous! And LOVE the new blog look :)

  7. You made the right choice, Chupa :) Tough as it may have been, balance is always the key to happiness. Love both your cards and though I am a daylight fan myself, I'm leaning toward the artificial lighting on these pics for the touch of brightness it brings. Enjoy using your "free time" for whatever you desire :)

  8. The first photo of each card is darker, greyer and grainier so I'm pretty sure they are the night photos. I much prefer the second ones. The whites are whiter and the colours are brighter. Hope that helps. And I also thought you were a superwoman. No need to be though! :)

  9. Hi Chupa...I love the card on the Moxie Fab World...looks so delightfull and CAS card...Love your design dear...Gorgeous card..

    I join also the Moxie fab World challenge, my card is number 32, would you mind to see it on my blog? many thanks before...hugs, Monika

  10. Love your cards, Chupa! Especially the poppy one. I'm glad you're enjoying your stamping again. Sometimes we need to take a step back to rediscover the fun! As for the light - I usually prefer daylight, but in the above photos the daylight is a bit blue, so I prefer the night shots.

  11. AWESOME cards Chupa!! I really prefer the artifical light photos better :)Great new blog look!!!

  12. Hey Chupa! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

    I'm so glad you shared your thoughts regarding your recent "changes" in how you are approaching your craft. We are ever evolving creatures, and I admire your courage in paring back so that you could find the "joy" in stamping once again. It's funny, because I had sensed a change, both in your blog design and your card making (it seems more free and open these days), but I hadn't been able to put my finger on the change until now. I, for one, am enjoying the balance you seem to have found, and hope that you've been able to recapture the joy in card making and stamping that has been eluding you this last little while. :)

  13. Hi Iwona! Great post - some tough decisions to make, but I don't think you will have any regrets. Sounds like you've got your priorities straight!

  14. Both card so gorgeous! I like the artifical light version for the poppy card, but prefer the daylight version for the apple card.

  15. I absolutely LOVE the flower card!

  16. Hey Chupa! Thanks also for linking this up to the Congratulations Card Challenge in Stamp It! Cards Week for the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  17. Hey Chupa! Thanks also for linking this up to the Birthday Card Challenge for Stamp It! Cards Week in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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