Friday, 10 August 2012

Blue skies

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It's new release time at Flourishes blog and I can tell from the sneak peeks that it's going to be one of my favourite ever releases to date. The floral bouquets are simply A-MAH-ZING!
I wanted to take part in the release challenges before the time runs out, and for now it seems that I will miss one of them, which is also right up my alley. Not to worry... "Country Road" challenge - here I come!!

We are supposed to pick a photo of our countryside and create something inspired by it. Here's my photo...

What you see there is the Hanging Rock. As the one from the "Picnic at Hanging Rock" book/movie. It's half an hour drive from where we live, it's also a good example of how the hills around our place look like. It's an enchanting sight :)

I'm pretty sure you can see the course my inspiration took. I stuck to the vertical layout of yellow grass fields, green stripe of shrubbery, light brown rock and blue sky. Because of the way the rich yellows dominate the picture, I couldn't think of a better stamp to use than Sunflowers.

I hope you likey :)
Tomorrow brings two more posts, already scheduled nicely, and that's only if I don't chose to have any more stamping on Saturday... ermagherd!! You're gonna hate me for this week :P


  1. This is so neat Iwona! And.. to see a place near where you live??? COOL! Beautiful creation, of course! Love the layout and the beautiful way you colored this up! :-)

  2. Wow, a gorgeous card for a gorgeous place! I did immediately recognize Hanging Rock -- what a wonderful place to live, I bet it's truly beautiful. And it's winter now, so I expect it's a bit chilly across those plains! I love the Peter Weir movie ... I've never been able to get a good copy here in the States, but now with digital video I hope I can watch a better version someday. Thank you for all your inspiration, CG

  3. Stunning! In awe of your coloring.

  4. You crack me up! I love this. Great job on the colors of this... it's really perfect. And I love your coloring. :)

  5. Gorgeous card, Iwona! Your sunflower is so beautifully colored! Beautiful photo, too! Would love to visit your country one day!

  6. Beautiful card! I want to live half and hour away from there too!!!

  7. Stunning view! Wow, I've never seen anything like it. Great card to interpret the colors.

  8. Stunning!! But then again, all you create is Beautiful cards! Your style is unbelievably Amazing :)

    Thank you for playing along with us in Flourishes Noontime Challenge!

    ~ Amanda :)

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous, Iwona! Love your inspiration photo as well! Thanks so much for playing along with Flourishes!

  10. Fabulous card! Fabulous interesting to have the mountains rise up like that in the middle of flat land!

  11. Wow you had a very beautiful inspiration to draw from. Very nice card. I love sunflowers so this card is a favorite of mine.

  12. Beautiful! Very summer and country feel to this. Beautiful coloring. Thanks for playing in Flourishes country road challenge.

  13. Oh, this is SO beautiful... I can definitely see your inspiration photo in your design, and I just love everything about this card. This is one of my favourite sets, though, so I am kid of biased, I suppose :) Gorgeous!!


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