Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 card favourites, part two

HAPPY 2013!! I truly believe it will rock our socks off, my crafty friends... who's with me?? :)
I'm back with more favourites from the previous year, hope you'll enjoy!

July embraces butterflies, with these two. I like the symphony of textures and colours on the first one, and the harmony on the latter.

August... love how fun the pinwheel card is, and the canvas is just so very special to me :)

September brings this little sumthin'... and I swear I didn't bring it up because of what this card won. I just pretty darn like it, lol

For October I chose these two...

November... again a tie-breaker!

....aaand December!

I hope you enjoyed both installments, I sure did!
I was itching to add a note or two in some places, but I'm scheduling these posts deep into the night of the 28th (eek... 29th already), and early morning tomorrow we're off for a long drive interstate. I shouldn't be here at all, LOL!
"See" you again in a couple of days :)


  1. beautiful cards!! love the last one especially!! happy new year!

  2. These are some of my favourites too too - especially the Sept winning card, the bird card and the amazing neon snowflake. Oh and I love the canvas too! Thanks for all your inspiration throughout 2012 and wishing you a wonderful New Year! I hope you have a super holiday.

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  4. More gorgeous cards-- they're all so beautiful!


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