Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fresh picks

Hello, crafty peeps! I'm really excited to find out what you think about today's post, so rather than ramble on, I'll get straight to the point...
Let me introduce you to the new feature on my blog:

What are Fresh Picks? Random things I *HEART*, that I find on the web. Be it craft-related or not, if it makes my heart skip a beat or my jaw drop, I'll try to share. Hopefully succeeding in some positive enabling / enticing mojo while I'm at it, or just giving you another excuse for a cuppa time... he he!

So, what's on the plate today?
First up, Fancy Folk Art stamp set from Papertrey Ink, and the artwork that their DT shared during the January release time. I almost fell off the chair, when I saw these...

Be still, my folk art loving heart! These are a-mah-zing, and needless to say that this set landed straight on the top of my *I NEED THAT* list.

I also have several goodies favourited from my Etsy search for Christmas gifts, that I'll be sharing with you over the next few posts.
My Etsy browsing is always a peculiar mixture of extremes: awe, excitement and frustration. The latter comes from the fact that my wallet does not magically spit out cash... how inconvenient!

Anyhoo, how about these pretty little favor bags? I would SO stuff them with a fragrant potpourri and decorate the vanity cupboard in the bathroom with one or two.

Looking for a purty Valentine's Day gift, anyone? I'm seriously considering getting one of these. I've got a soft spot for buntings, and if it's calico then mummy's all the happier.

I'm usually on edge with crocheted bags, but this one is so cool I can barely stand it. Eeeek! Check out these ruffles!

There's plenty more stuff in that shoppe that makes me 'aaah' (like THIS). What do you think?

Lastly, while we're doing the bag thing, what a fun way to dress up your sweet treats!

I'd love to hear your feedback on this post. Likey or not? Want any more?? Thank you in advance :)


  1. What a plethora of beautiful infsoiration! Perfectly curated!

  2. What a fun feature :) I'll take the blueberries for one LOL! Loooove them and are so lucky to have fields and fields of them around here. Froze 50 pounds this year so we can enjoy them until they are in the fields again :) That lace trimmed bag is adorable!! Thanks for the tour of goodies!

  3. Yes! I LOVE this kind of post..I'm head over heels with the Fancy FOLK Art stamps from PTI too!

  4. Great post! I love to see what inspires others... and I love that you're clearly having a good time doing it :o) I'd love to see more posts like this from you!


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