Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sketchbook Saturday Challenge #89

Hi guys, ready for a new sketch?
Like I mentioned two weeks ago, I'll be popping in on what are my Sunday mornings, because of the JG's Nook posts  that are now happening on Saturdays. It's still legally Sat in American EST, which is my bloggie's time, so no need to panic, right? ;)
I can't help but notice that I started to return some big numbers here, only 11 more to go and we'll hit a hundred.... hmmm, I wonder whether I should do something about it? *wink*
I'm so grateful that you're coming back to play, that you enjoy them, it's as simple as that but without your support it simply wouldn't work. Perhaps featuring Guest players should be in order, me thinks... loosely... hmmm. What do you think?? lol

I'm not sure how much of my moody fashion in crafting has been showing here... it perplexes me how I still can't define myself as a crafter, after the early-2012 breakdown. Not that I'm desperately looking for it, since I'm quite proud of the fact that I can do many styles and enjoy them; yet it confuses me when I constantly seem to jump from loathing to favouring certain things. More or less. For someone who has firm views on most things, it's a serious disrupt in the pleasant routine. lol

Now, I assume you're now confused yourselves, so let me picture this better. Patterned papers, for example. A big lover of these since the beginning, I couldn't imagine a project without the tiniest bit of PP stuck on it. Only to abandon them almost completely for weeks on end, and so drastically that I was afraid I forgot how to handle paper any more. That, plus layered and textured style that seem to have described me best in the past.

Now I'm back on track, somehow, and I'm not yet sure what to think of it. All those "scrappy" cards as of late, delighting in embellishments, desire to pile it up, and now I even distressed the papers again! Gasp!
Is all of that back for good, or is it just another whim? It will be interesting to see :)

Whew! I bet you thought you'll never see that card of mine, huh??
So, in short I used MME papers (Miss Caroline - I've got TONS of these, probably to keep me going for another couple of years. Not complaining, though), and embellishments (stickers) from Glitz Design.
Yet another company that sadly suffered from my lack of attention, for some months. Right now I seem to have a re-discovered craze over their products, which I still have oodles of, left from the time I was on their Design Team. I admit that I'm even *slightly* jealous of the second now, utterly fabulous release that I'm missing on to a large extent! Duh. 
I've got a strange feeling that I'm now more matured a designer to handle these products with enough attention and love, that they deserve.
Anyway, as for the tag, it was created by running a length of burlap and Tag, You're It Die-Namics though my Grand Calibur. It cut the stuff perfectly in one go.

Um. Are you still there?? I'm not offended if you're not. Promise. Enjoy the sketch :)

A few things to keep in mind if you decide to use my sketch:
- You're kindly asked to save the image onto your computer first, and if you make a card based on it, please link back to this post.
- If you upload your card to an online gallery, use the code SSC89.
- Feel free to share the link to your creation via the Inlinkz widget, so that I can come and check it out!
- The colours/elements mean nothing towards the card. All styles, colours and supplies, as well as slight alterations of the sketch are welcome.
- A new sketch and sample is posted every other Saturday afternoon (American EST time ~ or around mid-day Sunday Melbourne time), but you're welcome to play any time! Just leave a link in the comments section after Inlinkz widget closes.


  1. This card is so beautiful, I love how you mix the different patterns and textures with ease! I know what you mean about your style, mine seems to be varying and I miss my more layered and built-up cards, but I'm really enjoying the style I'm going through now! I think I am still 'me' but not sure if this 'me' will stick around or whether another style will take my focus later on lol.

    Anyway, enough about me. This card is awesome. Your style is awesome. All of them. ;-)

  2. Gorgeous! Ahhh...personally I don't think this of your many should go away! Lots of CAS, fabulous CAS, is out there right now,but, I think there should be more than that....not just one style in the mainstream. There should be room for bows, bling, layers, patterned paper, etc, if that's what makes you happy!! Geesh...sorry for the tangent, don't stop doing your own thing 'cause this card makes me think of that...LOVE It!!

  3. Had to giggle at your dilema - not in a bad way, but I can sort of relate. I do not wear pink, do not particularly like the colour, but make a ton of pink cards LOL! GO figure!

    I LOVE your diverse style - shows great talent and flexibility in my books and I am always amazed how you can make each style look amazing!! Loving this layered up card - keep them coming :)

  4. If I were you I would not worry at all! In fact, I am very jealous that you can create cards etc in any style that takes your fancy at any given moment!! You can pull of CAS, layers, patterned papers or plain, shabby, and just about every style going with absolute effortlessness! Personally, as soon as I try to branch out it just ends up looking like a mess. Your use of colour, I think, is your greatest talent - I am in awe every time :)

    This card is just as stunning as all the cards you make, I love that they all seem to have their own little personality :)

    Those are just my thoughts anyway :)

  5. Thank you Chupa for the wonderful sketch and your many styles of inspiration - you are an inspiration to us all! Your wonderful use of color, layers, a snippet here or there all flow together so beautifully! Yet, when you do a CAS card, we are all drawn in noting the remarkable simplicity. You are a woman who can do it ALL and do it VERY WELL - relish in that! :)

  6. You can have a defined style but still do other styles occasionally. Labeling yourself doesn't prevent other ideas from popping in! And trying new styles often allows you to think of ways to incorporate their elements into your own base style. I do not consider myself a CAS designer at all. I usually do shabby but not as embellished as some so I call it simple shabby though I wish I could think of another name because my designs are far from simple. They are just simpler than most shabby chic. But I still do CAS for my hubby and boys. I also pull out CAS or graphic when I'm in a hurry! But my main love and the products I gravitate towards are all still shabby. Make sense?

    Don't stress over your crafty identity. Just make what makes you happy! I've personally been loving your newer creations. For a while there, your designs just didn't seem as composed and balanced and I had wondered why. Then when you revealed you'd lost some mojo for a while, that made sense. I love your layered and textured creations. Don't get me wrong, they were still lovely but just not your usual. Best wishes and keep that mojo flowing!

  7. Oh, and I definitely think you should feature your favourite sketch participants. I'd be more likely to play (and link up on time!!!) if you did.

  8. Do you know what I like best about your blog? As I'm scrolling through posts, my thoughts are always: "What's she going to do next?!!" You always surprise me! One post will be a fabulous CAS card, and the next shows your amazing colouring & layering abilities. Awesome. It's why I always come back :o) I know you made some big decisions over the last while, about paring back your commitments - and it's all for the greater good: your artwork is better than ever, and it really shows through your posts that you're having a great time crafting these days. Some people "nest" when they're expecting, clearly you "craft". Cheers!

  9. You're cards are ALWAYS an inspiration to me!

  10. I'm late for the link list...but I loved this sketch, and wanted to share!

    Your card is gorgeous, Chupa!! Love it!!


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